About company

History of our company runs from 2001 year. Our presence in Murów reminds about the beautiful history of glassworks in this municipality, that reaches even the half of the eighteenth century. In the places of glassworks facilities from former centuries Mr. Jan Czyszczoń, the owner of JARO-MAX brand, has launched own production facility.

Therefore, just next to the renowned manufacturer of double glazing - VITROTERM company - we are another production facility referring to the historical heredity of companies operating in woodwork sector.

More and more contemporary projects created inside our company have led to the creation of expert departments operating in various sectors of construction market.

JARO-MAX GROUP is divided into two departments – WINDOWSILL and NATURAL STONE.

We became something more than a company coping with windowsill production, mosquito nets and distribution of window assembly accessories during last years.

Despite the basic scope of our activity, we can boast of the specialised production of stone interior design elements, such as stairs, worktops and bathroom tops, flooring and facades.

We are the innovative company with many years of experience and our guidelines are modern attempt, timelessness, unique design and quality.

Two departments - one goal

We are ready for new challenges and we are opened for cooperation with the most demanding customers. We meet the expectations of our partners each day, as well as trends imposed by market. We handle with trade services at territory of whole southern Poland. We have also own agents in the Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Because of constant routes, we reach with our products to over 1500 customers each month.

We constantly develop the group of our partners, who appreciate our quality, complex attempt and deliveries according to deadlines.